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Pet product review: Boots & Barkley 5” Brainteaser Toy

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Dog toys are meant to be chomped and chewed and tossed and crushed. They’re supposed to hold up to all manner of romping, rolling, and rumbling.

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How does the Boots & Barkley 5” Brainteaser Toy take real-life dog play?

This fascinating plaything for pooches, sold at Target stores, looks like a lot of fun. It’s bendy and bouncy and colorful. Essentially, this clever polyester toy is a soft woven sphere with a little plush bumblebee dangling inside, tempting curious canines to try to extract it.

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The Boots & Barkley 5” Brainteaser Toy, which retails for $6.99, requires no batteries and is marketed as non-toxic.

All that sounds pretty good.

Personally, I coughed up the cash, hoping to please my brand-new puppy with a perky plaything. That’s a fair amount of kibbles, but the product appeared appealing.

Immediately, my little Border Collie/Labrador mix took to the toy like a little kid on Christmas morning. She loved it.

She fetched and pawed and bounced the thing all over. She stuck her nose through the woven straps and played with the little bee.

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Then what happened?

Here’s the drawback.

Puppies chew. OK, that’s no news flash, but perhaps the folks at Boots & Barkley didn’t plan on the degree to which this natural phenomenon may occur.

Puppies chew a lot.

In less than an hour, the stretchy multi-colored polyester fabric covering the straps that formed the ball was frayed. I was picking sharp shards of white polyester lining out of my puppy’s mouth.

Note: This product review was based on a purchased item, not a free sample or promotional request.

The fuzzy little bee, presumably intended to remain inside the sphere (as the brainteaser) was already on its own on the floor. Apparently, my puppy is cleverer than the dog toy designers expected a dog to be.

The $6.99 Boots & Barkley 5” Brainteaser Toy was already trashed. What a disappointment.



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