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Pet pig causes worry as neighbors phone police over 'screams'

A pet pig in China, Maine caused neighbors to call police after they heard frightening "screams." According to a video report from Huff Post Live, police were alerted about these screams and rushed over to the home but they didn't find anything wrong despite what they were anticipating (perhaps a domestic dispute).

The four officers approached the home cautiously but what they found was not alarming at all. A male pig had been placed with "five receptive sows" -- presumably to get them to mate. The screams were not uncommon in this type of situation and so the pigs were given the "all clear."

It is unclear whether or not police questioned the home owners but it sounds like their investigation was over before it even began. It is not everyday that you find a pig in heat screaming his lungs out! Hopefully the screams don't last for much longer -- it must be awful for the residents in the neighborhood!

More on this story in the video above.

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