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Pet Photography-Not for the impatient!

Az Pet Professionals has two of Arizona's most prominent and well known pet photographers in the business as members of their pet network group.
Az Pet Professionals has two of Arizona's most prominent and well known pet photographers in the business as members of their pet network group.
Cow Dreamz Photography

See what pet photographers must do to capture the beautiful essence of your pet's photograph.

  1. Patience! This is a must! A session can take over 2 hours if your pet is not cooperative.
  2. Flexibility! Our pet photographers get down on the ground and bend in many abnormal positions to capture that perfect shot! They take many approaches and shoot at many different angles to capture the truest beauty of your pet/s. My guess is there muscles in their necks, arms, legs and backs must be painful after a flexible shoot!
  3. They must drive to the pet owner. This is for your convenience as well as to have your photographs taken in the comforts of your own home or yard.
  4. Purchasing all of that equipment! Yes, there is a lot of equipment that professional photographers have to carry around. The camera is not the only important part of their job. The lighting, the editing software, the computer..... on and on.
  5. Pets convey many characteristics. From a lazy cat yawning, to a playful puppy, photographers must schedule their sessions according to the personality of your pet. If you have a wild puppy or kitten, you may want to schedule the session when you know your pet will be tired out. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your pet is lazy, this could be great for capturing up-close shots. It is imperative for a professional to capture your pets true essence! It is what makes the photographs so endearing.
  6. Using natural light can create some of the most natural and beautiful pictures. It eliminates red eye, pets frightened by the flash and dark overcast shadows. A brightly lit large room or a beautiful clear day outside is the best!
  7. You know the old saying, "The eyes are the windows to the soul." So a great professional photographer will always capture photographs of your pets eyes. It truly is amazing to see their eyes full of expression!

So next time you are thinking about hiring a professional photographer, please keep in mind what it entails! Help them to prepare for your session by following some of the tips above. Many people hire professional pet photographs because of the simple, wonderful fact that you want pictures taken in your pet's natural home environment. Many people choose to hire the services of a pet photographer each year as their new puppy is growing just as they would school pictures of their human children and many do as their pets age so they can have a memorial piece when their pets time comes.

Please take a look at our Page, Pet Photographers at

Each photographer will have a link to their own business website and contact information. Now is the perfect time to capture your pets this holiday season! We'd love for you to leave a comment on how your session went!

Thank you pet friends!

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