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Pet owners: Let’s talk Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. Here are some ideas for your pet friends.
Halloween is right around the corner. Here are some ideas for your pet friends.
Photo by Phillippe Diederich/Getty Images

What will your furry/scaly friend dress up as this year? Although you may think this is a bit early to be considering Halloween costumes, pet costumes retailers think not as they begin prepping for the upcoming season. USA Today reported on Saturday, Aug. 16 a couple of those retailers have given a taste of what will be offered to pet parents.

At an event held in Manhattan, PetSmart has showcased its Halloween costumes for dogs, cats, guinea pigs and, get this, fish. These costumes range from glow-in-the-dark shirts to LED costumes.

The store’s grooming service, Pet Expressions, will be offering highlights or feathers to be put in your pet’s fur. Or, if your pet is somewhat of a rock star they can get temporary tattoos (adhere images).

Halloween is a big holiday. Last year it was expected that we spend about $6.9 billion on costumes. That comes out to be around $75 per person. Halloween also beats out the other holidays when it comes to decorations and sweet treats. Halloween decorations is slightly higher than Christmas where 69 percent of Americans decorate for Christmas and 70 percent decorate for Halloween.

As USA Today states, pet costumes are just as big of a deal, “In a National Retail Federation survey taken just before Halloween 2013, 14% of consumers said they planned to buy pet costumes. Using survey data, the NRF last year estimated that Americans would spend a total $330 million on pet costumes.” That is a lot of green! The top costume choice among those surveyed was a pumpkin, hot dog, and a devil.

These costumes are not just for Halloween, as citizens in Olympia, Washington, showed. The Olympian reported its town’s pet parade: The 85th annual Pet Parade had dogs, cats and even a goat enter the festivities. Owners along with their pets strolled through downtown Olympia in their best get-ups.

Check out the slide show. Here, you can find a few ideas for your pet friends.

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