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Pet of the Week: Nera Ann

Because of the pain, Nera didnt open her eyes before the surgery.
Because of the pain, Nera didnt open her eyes before the surgery.
courtesy Happy Endings

Nera Ann’s story is a heartwarming tale of a brave kitty who went through a lifetime of pain, only to be saved by Happy Endings No Kill Animal Shelter and now needs and deserves a loving forever home.

Nera, a beautiful brown tabby with black tufts on her eartips, was born with a condition called “eyelid aegenesis” and lived the first 5 years of her life in pain. She was dropped off at Happy Endings’ doorstep on September 2nd, 2009 with a note asking them to help the blind cat. Eyelid aegenisis occurs when the upper eyelid of the cat does not develop properly. As a result, her eyelashes were growing on the underside of what should have been an eyelid and there was no way to keep the hair around Nera’s eyes from painfully rubbing against them. In order to avoid the pain, Nera rarely opened her eyes. This is what had led her rescuer to believe that Nera was blind. However, after a trip to see Dr. Collins at Eye Care for Animals in Pewaukee, it was discovered that she did have some vision in one of her eyes. She went through a painful procedure to remove the hairs that were causing the damage and irritation to her eyes.

Then, on November 24th after her procedure, Nera Ann opened her eyes fully for the first time. It didn’t take her long to befriend another cat to romp and play with and sought out her foster mom for pampering love and attention. A few months later, Nera went through the first surgery to hopefully permanently solve her issue. It involved transplanting part of her lower eyelid to the upper one so that she could have two fully functioning eyelids. It was a huge success and it was decided to do the transplant surgery on her other eye on March 10th, 2010. After a few more checkups and one more procedure to remove a few remaining irritating hairs, Nera can open her eyes to the world!

It was a long road for Nera Ann, but she is now fully recovered from her surgery. Although she only has vision in one eye, she gets around without any problems. But because of her condition and her reduced eyesight, Nera needs a home that can give her the special attention she deserves. She will need eye ointment for the rest of her life to keep her damaged eyes healthy. Nera needs a stable home, where she can rely on furniture that doesn’t move around too much. She would love a home either as the sole cat to be pampered or with another kitty to romp and play with, but because she can’t see well, it is best if the other kitty can be calm around her. Small children are full of energy and fast moving kids might scare Nera, but a patient family who can move slowly (so she can see them coming) won’t have to wait long for Nera to be begging for her ears to be scratched so she can melt like butter at their feet or in their laps.

This kitty has overcome everything, put all her trust and love in people, and is now ready to be adopted by a family that will love her forever. To see a slideshow of Nera before, during, and after surgery, you can go here (link to slideshow). For more information on adopting Nera Ann, visit her petfinder page, or contact Happy Endings. If you would like to help Nera, but cannot adopt a cat at this time, please consider donating generously to Happy Endings. Money to help pay for her costly surgery and continued medication, or supplies to help her live a good life while she waits for a home would be greatly appreciated.