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Pet Obesity on the rise

Over the last several years human obesity has become an ever growing issue. Our waistlines are expanding along with our healthcare costs due to the extra pounds. Pet obesity has also started to become an issue.

Humans are becoming more proactive about their weight and lifestyle choices. Pets also need to be included in the plan to get fit! Humans lack of exercise leads to lack of dog walking and playtime, more sedentary lifestyles, and consuming more calories. Dr. Richard French, DVM states that obesity is just as harmful for animals as it is humans. Over half the number of dogs and cats are considered obese by their local veterinarians. Obese pets can have many health concerns including: diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, and more. The healthcare expenses for pets can add up over time.

Children today are constantly in front of the television, computer, tablet, or phones, many times with their pets by their side, instead of being active outside together. Adults are often too busy before and after work to walk their dogs. Feeding pets human food also attributes to the rise in obesity. High fructose corn syrup, aspartame and other chemical ingredients added to today's food is now being consumed by our pets.

Try incorporating pet exercise with human exercise as much as possible. Include your pet on daily walks, runs, rollerblading, etc.

There is a pet obesity prevention organization for more information about pet obesity.

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