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Pet loss: it is bittersweet

Kristen Bowen, Author

I first met a wiry little calico kitten (later named “Callie O’Malley”) in November 1991, after partying with friends on the OSU campus. After a night of doing what college kids do, we decided to stop at a local eatery for a breakfast buffet before heading home for the night. It was there that we were approached by 3 male students, one of them with a little kitten tucked inside his OSU letter jacket. He inquired, “do any of you want this cat? We just found her wandering around the alley out back.” Me, being the animal lover that I am, said, “sure.” The cat who ended up being named “Callie” then proceeded to eat the remaining hash browns and scrambled eggs on our plate. She was obviously very hungry, and who knows how long she had been left to fend on her own.
Callie flourished in my care, and continued to be the feisty little thing that most calicos are (those that have owned them know what I’m talking about). They are all females, very smart, but can be calculating and difficult to manage at times. Callie O’Malley was no exception. But she adored her “Mommie,” for sure. She followed me around, begged to sit on my lap and be petted, and fought off any other cat that got in her way.
Callie went to the Rainbow Bridge (pets’ version of heaven) tonight, at the age of 18. She had had a stroke and her kidneys were failing her. She will always be remembered, however, for all of the above reasons, and many more.
If you are looking for a companion, please consider adopting a stray or shelter cat or dog; they can bring you many years of joy, and priceless memories.