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Pet Health Insurance - a surprising resource

Who wouldn't want to keep Spot healthy
Pet health care is expensive

We love our pets and make many purchases to keep them happy. One of the most redeeming purchases many of us can make is Pet Health Insurance. Just as we can with auto, home and our own health insurance we can tailor make the policy with some research and knowledge or our pet, our Vet. Services and of course the insurance packages available.

Not to many years ago, pet insurance was something for those who were showing pets or when faced with any health bill for the pet which was very high. That is not the case today; we can tailor our health care cost for Tabby or Spot to our budget or breed. An example, with a Golden Retriever we look for insurance that is good for musculoskeletal issues (hip dysplasia) or ear infection (those flopped over ears which hold in the moisture and heat).

It seems any of our pets can benefit from dental insurance, as when Tabby bites into something and then forgets to turn loose, thus one tooth is hanging out of mouth. All joking aside there are many benefits for our pets having a checkup and dental cleaning yearly.

And when we see our senior pet or an injured pet who will only be in pain and have no quality of life from this day forward, that final bit of care is nice to have insurance for. Whether we want to take Tabby or Spot home for burial or have a plot and headstone in a local cemetery it is so nice not to need to worry about the dollars being spent. Most insurances cover cremation and most Vets can help with burial.

We can do our research and talk with our Vet, the local pet rescues and local shelters. We can make a wise and informed decision regarding pet health insurance. Also, we can check with the AARP at

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