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Pet ‘guard donkey’ shot and killed, family offers $1,000 reward

Bonnie the donkey was shot from a distance with a high-powered rifle. ‘It’s not just cruel, it’s mean,’ said the Sheriff.
Bonnie the donkey was shot from a distance with a high-powered rifle. ‘It’s not just cruel, it’s mean,’ said the Sheriff.
Online Athens

Police in Athens, Ga. are investigating the apparent shooting death of Bonnie the donkey, who lived on Todd Garrett’s farm in Barrow County for the last eight years, along with her donkey companion, Clyde.

On Feb. 17, Online Athens reported that Bonnie was shot on Saturday. The shooter used a high-powered rifle, shooting Bonnie from a distance. The Garrett family has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for killing their beloved Bonnie.

Bonnie and her companion Clyde were not only pets on the Garrett farm, but guard donkeys, who “kept a watchful eye over the cattle on their Barrow County farm.”

“If there was something strange in the pasture, the donkeys would alert,” Todd Garrett said.

Garrett and his family had just concluded a routine cattle count on Saturday and had gone back inside when he heard two gunshots ring out. “They knew it was close,” Garrett said, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A quick check outside revealed nothing out of the ordinary, until Garrett’s wife Tonya, along with her young son and nephew, found Bonnie dead while four-wheeling the next day. It was an upsetting find, especially for the kids, who consider Bonnie and Clyde their pets.

“They found Bonnie where we usually feed them,” Garrett said.

“Those donkeys have been there for years.”

“Everybody around there knows those animals. They’re all pets.”

Bonnie died as a result of a gunshot to her shoulder. The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office was called to Garrett’s farm to investigate Bonnie’s shooting death. As of today, their investigation is still ongoing.

Sheriff Jud Smith believes it was an intentional killing.

“This was done by someone who knew what they were doing from a great distance,” Smith said. “It’s not just cruel, it’s mean.”

In addition to Bonnie and Clyde, the Garretts own a third donkey named Rufus. Together, the three donkeys protected Garrett’s cattle herd of approximately 50 cows.

“They keep coyotes and wild dogs out of the pasture, away from the newborn calfs,” Garrett said.

The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office has asked anyone with any information concerning Bonnie’s shooting to contact them at 770-307-3080.

Bonnie’s killer could face a felony animal cruelty charge, once identified.

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