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Pet friendly hotels get some travelers' dander up

According to a recent report on a local Los Angeles radio station more hotels are becoming pet friendly. It’s not so much that these corporate companies love furry animals but the vision of bottom-line profits from all the extras charged to pet-lovers who can’t leave home without them.

The Harvest Inn is one of a growing number of pet-friendly facilities
Harvest Inn

We’re talking big bucks on everything from catered food to special water bowls and bed for pets, all that cost extra. Well, knowing this won’t make me the most popular writer on the web, your LA Travel Diva Examiner feels that pets don’t belong in hotel rooms or on cruise ships.

Sure the hotel execs claim that rooms are sanitized to remove all the dander and other droppings of animal inhabitants, but does this process really remove all traces? I can smell dogs the minute I walk into a hotel room, even after the room has been so-called disinfected. Some of us are just more sensitive than others.

At a lunch today at the posh Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel I spoke with frequent travelers who are on my same wave length. All are pet-owners who don’t believe in traveling with their animals or staying in hotel rooms where four-legged creature have been.

“I love my dog,” said Vicky, a jet-setter who trots the globe, “but he belongs at home not in a hotel room.” “I recently stayed at a hotel in Ojai where a big dog just came right over to our table during lunch, and one that barked all night, I am with you on this, “ she vociferously agreed.

Readers how do you feel about this? Do you take your pets on trips? Do you mind staying in rooms where animals have bedded down perhaps on the comforter or sofa you are sitting on, or even perhaps had an accident on the floor?

For years pet-owners had to board their animals or hire sitters to watch them and it probably cost them the same as it does to bring them along for the ride. It's a little like screaming babies on airlines, they may be cute to the parents but so not so to the rest of us. So for the sake of the rest of us who really want our hotel rooms to be free of dander and animal hair, give us a break and leave Fido at home, you can always Skype with him or call him on your Smartphone.

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