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Pet-friendly champion snacks to score at your Puppy Bowl and Kitty Bowl parties

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We were writing an article on Super Bowl snacks when Bob the Rescue Cat sat on the keyboard. Then Miss Kitty the Rescue Kitten snagged the mouse. The message was clear: It was time to include Puppy Bowl and Kitty Bowl parties and snacks in the mix. (Thanks, Bob, you can get up now).

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From cheese pizza (Miss Kitty loves those little string cheese strands) to peanut butter (Bob's friend Fido loves licking it off his nose), here are our champion snacks for people and pets:

  • Baby carrots and apple slices: Both are good for dog's teeth as well as people's waistlines. Be sure to core and remove seeds from the apple slices.
  • Salsa: Great for dunking raw veggies (but keep the dip away from Fido).
  • Plain cheese pizza topped with extra veggies: Too much cheese isn't good for cats (sorry, Bob). But you can try a little bit of cheese and even offer kitty broccoli (although Bob views it more as a toy than a treat).
  • Organic bird seed: Do you have a pet bird? Remember to provide tweet-worthy treats.

However, beware. Some foods are toxic to our furry friends. U.S. News and World Report released these foods as highly dangerous. So if you serve them at that party, keep these treats out of the kitty and puppy end zone:

  • chocolate
  • sugarless gum
  • alcohol
  • grapes/raisins
  • Macademia nuts
  • onions and garlic
  • caffeine
  • meat and chicken bones

And finally: Even the most well-behaved cat can become cranky for lack of attention during a long TV session. Our tried-and-true cat toys to keep Bob and Miss Kitty joyfully pouncing and purring: