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Pet Food Diet Affects More than Meets the Eye(tooth)

Hound & Gatos Pet Foods provide dogs and cats a 100% meat diet for whole body nutrition and optimal dental health. Celebrate Pet Dental Health Month in February by learning how a pet's diet relates to oral health.

Pets need an animal protein diet for healthy teeh.
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Award-winning Hound & Gatos Pet Foods celebrates Pet Dental Health Month in February by advising pet owners about the connection between pet food and pet dental health. A pet’s diet affects its total health far beyond a meal in a bowl.

Less than 1/3 of pet owners regularly care for their pet’s teeth with brushing or periodic oral inspections. 80% of adult cats and dogs have some type of dental issues, whether plaque or tarter build up, dental decay, gum disease or jaw or tooth infections. By the time a pet owner notices a dog’s or cat’s bad breath, or signs of mouth distress, a pet can already be affected by a serious or even life threatening oral illness.

Pets’ nutrition comes solely from the food owners feed them. In the wild, the natural environment of dogs and cats, they hunt and eat a meat diet. Their bodies need species appropriate meat protein to keep them healthy and thriving. Cats are obligate carnivores – must have the nutrients in meat to maintain healthy bodies. They cannot convert what they need from any food source except meat. Dogs are obligate omnivores. They can eat a part grain diet and survive, but they thrive only on a diet rich in animal protein.

Most commercial pet foods contain plant protein as their main ingredient. This artificially developed diet will not meet the nutrition needs of pets. As a result, pets can have suppressed immune systems and imbalanced internal chemistry that cannot effectively regulate and maintain optimal natural body health.

Hound & Gatos Pets Foods are 100% animal protein. They do not contain any plant protein, saturated or trans fat, added sugar or salt, animal byproducts, chemical preservatives, generic liver, artificial flavors or colors. They provide dogs and cats with a natural, balanced diet. Hound & Gatos Pet Foods has been awarded inclusion on the 2014 Most Trusted Pet Foods by

Will Post, Hound & Gatos CEO, said, “It is critical for all pets to have proper dental care. Hound & Gatos products contain 100% meat and are not filled with ingredients that can cause tooth decay.”

Feeding dogs and cats the food they were designed by nature to eat benefits every square inch of them, inside and out, including their teeth.

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