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Pet Expo 2014

A great experience
A great experience
Catching up with friends - human and animal

The 2014 Seattle Pet Expo was an extremely fun and educational event. held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. The Expo brought together many animals, animal advocates and educational materials for all in attendance. There were rescues for just about every kind of animal, Veterinarian Hospital and clinics, as well as pet insurance representative. Trupanion Medical Insurance ( brought material and representatives to answer your questions regarding cost and the cost effectiveness. Venders included well known representatives of brands and some possibly not so well known but will be as soon. is one new scene vendor taking a long road to get here but was spurred on by a love of the pets and a background in the fishing industry. All treats are made with the pet’s health in mind and fit for human consumption this from the owner.
We were excited to see all sizes of pets from teacup to barrel size, and every breed we could think of. Vendors treated us to photos, treats for our pet (no matter the type you could find treats) and rescues at each turn. It was so good to see the staff of Pasado's Safe Haven ( and have a chance to shake hands with Tabitha as most everyone in the NW will attest to the great reputation of this organization. CityDog Magazine ( was there as well while in the search for Cover Dog Model; plans are under way for the Annual trip to Blake Island and be sure to visit the website as another trip is being planned for late August early September, you won’t want to miss any of the fun with your best friend
Meeting friends of both two and four legs was a wonderful surprise. Even when someone stayed home with the other four leg family member (possibly will try pet care by it was good to reconnect. People, pets and other animals were there to meet and greet. It was amazing to see this many pets (with no causalities) mixing in with people and other pets of all ages. Certainly this was a family event.

Now that we have had the 2014 Pet Expo, next year is already on the calendar. Still wanting to attend or perhaps living in another area, go to and find the site for your area. A word to the wise, if four footed, feathered or other pet make sure that human bringing you knows the immunization information and have them on a best behavior attitude. What a day to have just enjoyed with people and pets, it was a beautiful day in Seattle, sun shining and beautiful pets.