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Pet Emergency Kit

Pet emergencies can be traumatic for both pet and owner – especially if the emergency arises from a natural disaster. Therefore, it is a good idea to always have a pet emergency kit on hand at home and in the car.

It is good to have some supplies on hand in the event a pet is found alive after a natural disaster strikes.
Photo by Ben Torres/Getty Images

One factor to consider when assembling a pet emergency kit is the type of weather the pet and owner must deal with. Some severe weather patterns can cause blackouts as well as many other inconveniences and problems.

In the event a pet were to get lost during the course of a natural disaster, it would be a great idea to have some sort of ID such as a tattoo or microchip implant attached to the animal. A caretaker for the pet should be assigned in the event the pet is found but the owner missing.

The pet emergency kit should include extra food for the pet, bottled water, and food bowls. These items should last for at least two weeks.

Pet meds, a first-aid kit for pets, and a list of contacts should also be added to the emergency kit. More items that should be added to the kit include toys, a blanket, collar, and leash. Finally, a pet travel cage, pet registration and other pertinent documents as well as pictures and other pet description items should be on hand in case of emergencies.



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