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Pet duck attack: Woman wants big bucks after neighbor's pet duck attacked her

Duck! A pet duck is on the attack, creating lawsuits all over Oregon.
Wikimedia Commons

A Pet duck attack? Forget the dog, forget the owner, beware of this pet duck. A rogue duck from Oregon evidently went on a kamikaze-like attack, assaulting a woman for “no apparent reason.” The “fowled” victim, who was visiting her mother’s home in Estacada, Oregon, about 25 miles southeast of Portland, has now filed a whopper of a lawsuit against the neighbor and her scoundrel of a waterfowl, demanding $275,000 for “pain, suffering and other damages.”

According to a Reuters report carried by MSN News on Wednesday, 62-year-old Cynthia Ruddell, from Washington, was on her mother's property back in 2012 when a nasty duck came darting over from the neighbor’s yard. The duck “attacked her without provocation,” according to the suit filed in Oregon state court last Friday. Ruddell says she was forced to flee from the aggressive bird, and in the process, stumbled, fell and busted a wrist and sprained her shoulder.

The owner of the bird is named in the suit as Lolita Rose. The complaint says Rose did not exercise proper control of the duck or “warn or otherwise inform neighbors of her duck's dangerous propensity in attacking individuals.” Perhaps a “Beware – Attack Duck” sign posted on the property would have sufficed. Included in Ruddell’s lawsuit are demands for reimbursement of approximately $25K in medical expenses. The other quarter of a million, of course, is for her daily pain and suffering – a nest egg one might say.

Gregory Price, Ruddell's lawyer, said the accused duck has since been “destroyed.” No word on how the duck was prepared. Price did indicate that the damages should be paid from Rose’s insurance policy, but that filing the lawsuit “was necessary as a precaution because of continuing medical bills from a second surgery” on his client's wrist and “a two-year statute of limitations on such claims.”

Says Price: “The duck flapped its wings at her and knocked her back and she fell down on an outstretched hand and fractured her wrist in two spots,” Price told The duck had would abnormally go after people for no apparent reason, the lawsuit claims, and Price says Rose knew of her duck’s attack-like aggression. “We had neighbors that indicated this duck was a crazy duck that attacked kids at the school bus stop and other people before,” Price told

Price did say that after media outlets picked up the story, he regretted naming the attacker as a small duck. “I've learned a lesson,” he said. “In any future lawsuit I'll talk about my client being attacked by a domestic animal. Not by a duck.”

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