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Tiger was my miracle cat that I miss each and every day!
Tiger was my miracle cat that I miss each and every day!
Drew Stoneburner

By this time in a season, the shelters and rescue organizations are full to the brim with cats of various ages that are all seeking their forever home. In just four short months many shelters will be clearing the cages and making room for newly rescued animals. (You don’t want to know what happens to those left at the end of a year!)

There are so many cats to love that would make excellent pets that Michelle C. Hollow of Pet News and Views (an online blog) wrote an article earlier this year that will help people make the great decision to adopt a kitty since, as Michelle says, they make great pets!

As many people have stipulated, there is a clear distinction between cat parents and dog parents and because of this, many times cats do not always seem to get the credit that they rightfully deserve. According to many cat parents, a cat is the perfect pet if you want a loving, playful and simply fun-to-be-around animal.

Many people believe cats to be individualists, but as with any person or animal, it depends on the individual. Not all cats should be considered to be solitary and aloof. Many more are gentle, playful and just want to give and receive the love that everyone deserves.

Cats are playful creatures and will jump high into the air if provoked with a toy. They love things like laser pointers (although these can be dangerous to the cat if you point it directly into their face) and other cat toys that invite them to leap, run and pounce. Playing with a pet secures a very deep bond and you can get hours of enjoyment from one cuddly animal.

The best cat communication comes in the form of a purr. When a cat purrs, you know that all is right with the world because it is such a soothing sound!

Kitties love to cuddle. They also enjoy a pat and scratch. They will scratch themselves often if given a nice scratching post but they would rather cuddle up next to you and show you how loyal and loving they truly are. There is nothing like the unconditional love of a cat!

With every animal there is some form of training necessary, but with a cat, you don’t have to train them to use their litter box. Most of the time you just have to show the cat where the box is and bingo, cat is using the box!

Cats are typically laid-back, easy-going pets; not high maintenance at all however, they do need attention and care. They do need to be fed, watered and their litter box cleaned from time to time. They should not be left in the home alone for extended periods of time as they do enjoy being with you and have everyday needs to be fulfilled.

A great thing about cats is that they are very clean pets. They bath and groom themselves so you do not have to take them out to a groomer. Brushing them daily increases the amount of time you spend with them and builds a stronger, tighter bond between the two of you.

Cats are pretty content creatures. They are individualists, yet they don’t need to be under foot at all times.

What many people do not realize is that it is easy to teach a cat tricks. Explore the internet or shop the pet aisle at your local bookstore for training videos or books before you get your cat.

Cats do like a companion to be near. If you work long hours, a cat is perfect pet since they mainly take care of themselves, but they get lonely, too. If you aren’t going to be with them for long hours during the day, perhaps select two cats when looking at shelters or rescue organizations because then your pets can entertain each other. Too many cats are not a good thing, though and you will need to remember that two cats mean twice the food, twice the litter changes and twice the brushing. In the end, though, you get twice the love which makes the rest look easy!

So, hopefully now you are looking at cats in a whole other light. Remember adopt, don’t shop.There are some really great kitties out there just waiting for you!

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