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Pet bird takes over cat house and shows who’s boss (videos)

You never know how your pets will interact and when it comes to birds and cats, there’s no question it’s a dangerous mix. As cats are predatory animals and birds in the wild often their prey, it’s interesting to see how these roles change in the family setting. Often times, it appears cats lose touch with the power they have and let birds become the dominant ones.

Bird and cat power struggle
AOL Video Screen Grab

Such is the case in this video where an African Grey parrot essentially kicks a cat out of his own cat house, then “bosses” him around by nipping at his tail repeatedly.

The cat shows his manners by never attacking the bird or becoming aggressive, but instead, lets the bird have her way.

Do you own a cat and bird? Do they get along well? Can you take your bird out of the cage and let him or her interact with your cat?

Please share your opinions below and enjoy this video.

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