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Pet adoptions for the New Year

Polka Dot - a mom looking for her own loving home

The excitement of Christmas has passed and, now, life should once more be settling into a routine. If you adopted a pet over the holiday season, Fluffy or Spike should be a part of your family since the first excitement is over. This is the time to remember that a pet is for life, and you may have to accommodate your routine to suit your pet as well as yourselves. You may need to find a dog walker, a pet sitter or purchase a couple of items for your cat to keep them occupied while you are at work and the kids are at school.

If you have not adopted a new pet, this may be the perfect time. The Humane Society reminds everyone that while many pets are waiting in their facility, black cats and dogs are the last to be adopted, for whatever reason. There are many wonderful pets waiting for forever homes.

Why should black pets should be less desirable than lighter colored critters? We have had a beautiful black cat and have been adopted by a couple of black dogs in past and present: a poodle/terrier mix and the latest addition to our family, a doxie/cocker mix. As they say, color doesn't matter where love is concerned!

Please visit your local shelter and see if there is a lovely new friend waiting for you, peering between the bars or wire grid of their cage with expressive eyes.


Precious is a beautiful, black short-haired domestic 3-year-old boy, just waiting for someone to love. He is friendly, affectionate and well-behaved, but simply can't tolerate dogs.

Robert is a playful black 9-month-old kitten who loves a good cardboard box and revels in his cat toys. Because of his age, you will have to kitten-proof your home, but you can look forward to lively days and evenings with this little guy.

Abigail is a gorgeous 8-year-old black diva, a social butterfly who is affectionate and loving, and who dearly needs someone who will love and appreciate her. If you have the space and time to devote to her care, she will love you forever.

Ka Pow is a mellow, elegant black, 5-year-old short-hair. She needs a calm home and gets along well with other cats. She is affectionate but won't demand your time.

Rosey is a relaxed, contented sweetie, a tuxedo short-hair with the most beautiful green eyes. At 6 years of age, she has seen it all, and is used to being around other cats and mature children.

Connie has soft, medium-length hair and is a real beauty at 4 years of age. She likes to carry on a conversation with you and needs your love and attention. Connie gets along well with other cats.

Polka Dot is a 1-year-old lovey, a cuddly, medium-haired cat who gives wonderful hugs as she wraps her paws around you to hang on tight for reassurance. She and her four babies were found on the street, eking out a life. She has been waiting for her own loving home since her kittens were adopted. It's mama's time now!

If you are looking for a dog, there are lots of sweethearts also available for adoption. Then again, if you prefer rabbits, there are some of the cutest little guys I have ever seen also waiting for a home. Every pet has their own unique story so just ask the adoption crew about the pet who captures your heart.

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