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Pet Adoption Can Be A Fairy Tale

It had not been a banner year for the Hamilton family. Elise was recovering from a massive heart attack and trying to balance caring for her family, including their elderly boxer, Boozle, with her medical rehabilitation plan. Though the Hamilton family wanted another dog, especially Lachlan, their son, they knew what their limitations were and that dog would have to be very special.

Just down the road, Lilly was also not having a banner year. In the dark of night she had been abandoned by the only family she'd ever known at the animal shelter. She was left only with a note that explained her family didn't want her anymore and had travel plans that didn't include her. She had never been allowed inside their home and had been forced to endure sweltering summers and frigid winters. Lilly's spirit was broken along with her body. Her massive coat was shaggy and thick, her eye flecked with white patches and her body worn and sick. She was in a kennel with three other dogs but had never been so scared and alone. Lilly wanted a family of her own.

When the Hamilton's met Lilly, they were leery about her. Elise had so much on her plate already and Lilly had so many needs. But Lachlan knew that they needed Lilly as much as she need them. When the shelter brought her into meeting room, Lilly walked straight to Lachlan and gently laid her head on his ankle, trusting and open to being loved and it was sealed. She was spayed the following day and amidst numerous complications she came home to experience love for the first time. The Hamilton's struggled with countless vet visits to help Lilly recover and then it happened – Lilly got better!

Now, Lilly is the most incredible dog. Lilly spends her days seeking out bunnies hiding in the bushes and squirrels who believe the they will infiltrate the two acre property she lords over. She has dabbled in agility but can't really seem to focus on it. Instead she finds that her time is best spent in pillow forts with Lachlan, rolling in stinky stuff and avoiding the bathtub and cuddling with the Hamilton's for tummy rubs! She found the family she'd always wanted.

As for the Hamilton's, it turns out that Lilly was as good for them as she they were for her. During her many visits to the gym to strengthen her heart Elise noticed that she continued to bring pieces of Lilly and Boozle with her! It was hard enough to remain focused without the distraction of pet her. So Elise, who had no previous manufacturing or inventing experience, decide to come up with a solution that didn't involve sticky sheets, bulky brushes and difficult contraptions. And thus, the Lilly brush was born! Elise, a portrait and still life painter by trade, made the Lilly brush as beautiful as it is effective!

Lilly and the Hamilton's are both setting an example – they are following a dream. That dream has resulted in a fulfillment and happiness that exceeds all of their expectations. The best part – every single Lilly Brush that Elise sells, she will be donating a portion of the proceeds to animal shelters just like the one that Lilly came from. I'm very excited to review the Lilly brush soon! My evil shedding cat has been working extra hard to cover our entire house with fur ever since I told him the Lilly brush was on it's way.

I love a happy ending. From the outhouse to the penthouse, congratulations to Lilly and the Hamilton's on a true fairy tale come true.

Want to find your own Lilly? Atlanta Pet Rescue has countless other dogs just like Lilly along with many, many other Atlanta area rescue groups.


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