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Pet Adoption in Arizona

Please help Pinal County Animal Care and Control Adopt as many pets as they can!
Please help Pinal County Animal Care and Control Adopt as many pets as they can!
Pinal County Animal Control

I continue to VOTE each day to support Pinal County in their efforts and participation of Rachel Ray’s $100k Challenge. Please help me vote for them each day through the end of August

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Pinal County Animal Control

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Pet Care After Pet Adoption

Many of you have taken part in the many pet adoption events this past month. Myself and my network group, Az Pet Professionals are so happy to hear the many stories of pets getting adopted this month and hearing the success stories of the shelters working so hard at trying to adopt out so many dogs and cats!

With that in mind, how many of you feel a little lost now that you've brought your new pet home?

I put together a short, simple list of some basics to assist you the first weeks of your new pet's living arrangements and introduction into their new fur-ever home!


If you own a dog you should have:

· Dog dishes (a stainless steel, no- tip water bowl and a stainless steel or heavy plastic food bowl. If you have a large dog, it is better if the dishes are up high.

· A place for your dog to sleep. Dog bed, Dog crate

· A toenail clipper or Pedi Paws type nail file

· A brush and/or comb (Furminators work great for heavy coats!) Ask our amazing groomers which brush they'd recommend in between grooming appointments!)

· A large and a small shaver if you have a small dog that needs trimming before his grooming appointment

· A high quality dog or puppy food and treats (We have a homemade dog treat business you can refer to!!

· An appropriate collar, leash or harness for walking. Current rabies tag, microchip tag and identification on the collar. Rolled leather or heavy duty nylon is best for your larger dog and a harness is best for your small breeds. Make sure that if you notice any concerning behavior within the first couple of weeks that you choose a well known, professional, force free dog trainer to assist your training needs. Our very own Kathrine Breeden of course!


If you just adopted a feline, adult or kitten, here are a few essentials for our felines to help make their transition into their new home, fun and exciting!

Cat's tend to be very food motivated. You can use treats in moderation to train your cat or kitten.

Cat dishes (a stainless steel no- tip water and food bowl) Many cats enjoy the new water fountain type dishes you can Purchase at many pet stores!

· A place for your cat or kitten to sleep, a comfy pet bed will do or a kitty tower that has some form of a box-like hiding spot.

· A toenail clipper so you can keep his/her nails trimmed short

· A scratching post- Cats love to perch! They enjoy being in their "Tree" and being able to overlook their surroundings. A safe, fun place for them. You can also teach them to use their cat tree for the scratching that cats need!

· A brush or comb- Especially if medium to long haired. Again, just call up our amazing groomers! Yes, they do groom cats too!

· A litter box or two, or three..... recomended to have at least one per cat in different areas of the house. A problem noticed with new kitty? Call on our very own Jane Erlich, our "Cat whisperer" if you will!

· A high quality cat or kitten food and treats. Pet Club can assist you with many different Kitty Treat options!

· A breakaway collar with identification in case he/she escapes outside.

Better yet! If your new pet, cat or dog, came without a microchip, get in asap to have a microchip implanted! We have amazing veterinarians under "Veterinarians" to the right of the page under Current Members!

A couple of our favorite veterinarians!


San Tan Valley and Queen Creek areas: if you live in Queen Creek or San Tan Valley!


If you own either or both, a dog or cat, you will need to keep all health records in a file so if you need them you will know exactly where to find them.

You are off to a great start on being a good pet owner! Please make sure to contact your veterinarian for a first visit! Don't wait to establish a veterinarian/patient relationship under a medical problem, do it now while they are healthy so you are well prepared in case of an illness!

Lastly, for all of your current and new pet needs please browse through each of our members to the right of the page. We have you covered from A to Z with professional pet experts! Each member has a link that will take you directly to their website!

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