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Pesticides and bleach in tampons: make the switch to organic

Seventh Generation Fragrance-Free, Chlorine-Free, Organic Cotton Tampon
Seventh Generation Fragrance-Free, Chlorine-Free, Organic Cotton Tampon
Seventh Generation

When you walk around the grocery store, you hold your head high. You’ve traded frozen meals for fresh farmed ingredients. You’re snacking on organic celery topped with almond butter instead of potato chips. As impressive as you are (and you are impressive), what type of menstrual protection product are you dropping in your cart as you stroll down the personal hygiene aisle?
If you’re concerned about the pesticides in non-organic produce, consider that you could be inserting cotton grown with heavy amounts of pesticides into one of the most absorbent and sensitive parts of your body each month. Yes, ladies, I’m talking about your vagina. According to the Organic Trade Assocation, cotton is one of the ‘dirtiest’ crops, using more insecticides than any other major crop. Cotton’s second best-selling insecticide, aldicorb, can kill a human when a trace amount of the chemical is absorbed into the skin. Thankfully, mainstream retail businesses are selling organic cotton tampons. And there’s period protection alternatives out on the market like DivaCup and SoftCup.
In addition to avoiding pesticides and chlorine bleach, use tampons that are free of fragrance. The burn, infection and irritation from synthetic fragrance in your lady parts won't help you smell better.
The Walgreens website offers a number of chlorine free, organic cotton tampon choices. Maxim Hygiene, 7th Generation, and ORGANYC are all available on their website. They also offer free shipping with orders over $25.

Make the switch to organic tampons and consider tampon alternatives; your vagina will thank you.