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Perversity in Mass: Supreme Court rules 'upskirts' photos legal

The Supreme Judicial Court in the wacky liberal state, the People's Republic of Massachusetts, has ruled that it's okay to take pictures up a woman's skirt as long as she is riding on public transportation, such as a transit bus or city subway. Women in that state should be advised against wearing short skirts or other clothing that might be more revealing, because perverts armed with cell phone cameras now have full legal license, thanks to the state's highest court, to take pictures at will.

Mass. court says "upskirt" photos are not illegal

An alleged offender named Michael Robertson was arrested by Transit Police for taking such pictures of two females riding on the subway. He was prosecuted for violating the state's “Peeping Tom” laws that protect the privacy of individuals from having such pictures taken. The wacky attorney for Robertson argued that such pictures, and the “right” to take them, are protected by the First Amendment.

The case was ulimately appealed to the state's highest court, which handed down the ruling in agreement with the argument made by Robertson's attorney. The ruling was based on a provision of the state law, that some called a “loophole,” that they vowed to asked the legislature to close so that such photos would be illegal.

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