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Perspective; Unlocking Secrets for Success

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People live amazing lives all around us, but oftentimes we only see the end result of a struggle turned victory. Are some born with streaks of good luck while others are doomed for desolation and desperation? Or are we all entering the stage of life with a clean slate and ability to create the life we desire? As we seek to unlock the secrets of success let's take a look at the hindrances that sometimes hide from us the key ingredient; perspective.

The Parent Trap - Not many have come from a dysfunction free zone when it comes to family. It's not always important where we came from, but how we chose to respond to our past circumstances. Many will admit they entered parenthood befuddled with their first child who came without a manual of any sort. No parent ever claims to have done it right all the time, so let's be wise and realize that blaming our folks has an expiration date. Your expiration date for blaming your family was last week.

The Proverbial Nap - We can't improve our lives if we slumber through relationships and surround ourselves with enablers. We must take responsibility for selective memories and cease to allow our past to control our future. Being aware is a choice. Opportunities for growth and happiness are presented to us on a daily basis; we just need to be awake enough to see them!

The Providential Slap – Accept for a moment that your day has been pre-planned for you. It is designed to provide you with strength and fulfillment before you ever get out of bed. But if we wake up late, feeling grumpy and frustrated, our ego is screaming that this is one messed up day! But that’s our perspective on the day’s events and is not accurate of the day itself. We should refuse to pour our energy into worrying and wondering what the future could hold and instead check our attitudes at the door and choose to be flexible. Why not accept the hand of providence and be grateful for unexpected delays?

I met a couple while on their way to work stopped at a store to grab a coffee, even though they weren’t coffee drinkers. The idea came to them to warm the throat of the man who had to do a live radio show that morning. The three minute delay at the store prevented them from driving over a collapsed bridge that had just crumbled moments before during the 1994 Northridge earthquake!

What if there is one greater than us all who orchestrates our day? Listen for the leads and nudges knowing that the journey will certainly be filled with more adventure! It’s time we realize that our viewpoint is usually not the big picture. When we start to see life from the vista of infinite intelligence we then receive perspective; the key to unlocking secrets for success.