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Perspective shifts in recovery

Recovery isn't just about staying clean and sober. Once we remove our addictive chemical or behavior, opportunities for shifts in perception abound. With clear minds and hearts, we can experience these new perceptions and our lives become more serene and frequently joyous. Following are examples of such shifts:

  • You no longer hate mornings. You may still not be a morning person by nature, but you no longer wake up with those crippling feelings of despair. You see each new morning as a fresh start to your life or if you prefer, an opportunity to live.
  • You rarely feel a need to judge or criticize. And on the rare occasions that you do, you breathe and pray your way through these thoughts until they stop. You understand the harmful effects of judgment and are empathically aware of your feelings while being judged. Tolerance and acceptance become loving alternatives.
  • Nature catches your attention and you feel a part of it. While in active addiction, nature was mostly a blur. Sometimes we didn't even realize the season had changed until the next one started. Now we experience trees budding and raindrops dancing on windows and birds chattering. We regain some of the awe we felt as young children.
  • We become willing to try new things. Before, we would claim we hated something even though we had never tried it! Now we can make choices regarding new things without instant condemnation based on fear. And whether or not we like the new experience doesn't really matter. Your mind and spirit were open and willing.
  • You no longer hate people and resent being one. In the past, you thought people, by design, were pretty gross. You frequently wished you could have been a bear or a rock or a cloud. Now you view people as fragile, intricate creations, with strengths and weaknesses, and feel grateful to be one.

Enjoy the shifts. You've worked hard for them. Enjoy your new life and as always...


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