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Perspective from one of Project Greenlight's contestants (Photos)

On August 3, 2014, filmmaker Israel David Groveman confirmed his involvement with the docuseries "Project Greenlight." This novice and highly creative film writer and director shared that he is in full swing working on his three minute short during its five day time frame ending August 8. He shot in California's Mojave Desert.

On film shoot location (clockwise) Isaac C. Singleton, Jr. Leah Ford Groveman, Ryan Patrick McGuffey...
On film shoot location (clockwise) Isaac C. Singleton, Jr. Leah Ford Groveman, Ryan Patrick McGuffey...
On Location, Photos used with permission by Israel David Groveman
Film shoot
Film wraps for "Project Greenlight" Photo: Israel David Groveman used with permission

Groveman wrote and directed this short film (title to be announced). Along with a 15 member cast and crew he shot the footage on Friday, Aug. 1. This talented filmmaker, who resides in L.A., has been in pre-production since he discovered this contest, and has been eager to be a part of it. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are the executive producers of this competitive Hollywood project!

Some of the acting talent also eager to work on this film with Groveman were Andrew Cheney, Ryan Patrick McGuffey, Isaac C. Singleton, Jr., Kyle Wolfe, Alexander McPherson, and others.

During post-production of this recent film, was able to speak, for a moment, with the film's director Israel David Groveman, as he had to get back to the project!

"It was such a crazy week leading up to the shoot, as producing is such a huge job. I was finishing up shots for a horror film in the week leading up."

This project sounds quite intense. Have you gotten much sleep?

"I was up until 2:20 a.m. Friday night working on the project. One of the lead actors (Ryan Patrick McGuffey) was staying at our house and was trying to find more people, as he is very connected to the industry. I couldn’t believe how many interested responses he was getting even at 1 a.m.

"It was incredibly extreme with almost impossible conditions and a small crew and little gear, but with all things considered, it turned out there was enough commitment to make this film happen. The film is in its editing stage now, with Groveman at the helm!"

Thanks for taking the time to share with us Israel David Groveman, and break a leg with this project! Learn more about Groveman at IDG Bio.

Enjoy a variety of photos by this filmmaker and photographer both on and off the set. Notice photo in slideshow of car actually used in "Mad Max" (1981) with an actress from the future (2014) sitting in the driver's seat!

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