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Personalizing your company's Twitter profile

How to personalize your company's Twitter account.

Over the past few years Twitter has become an essential part of a company's social media marketing strategy. And with this comes the necessity of effectively participating on the site.

First, though, your Twitter profile has to be effective. And this means demonstrating that there are real people behind a company's brand.

Some large companies handle this by including on their Twitter background the names of the different people who tweet for the company along with each person's initials. Then when someone from that company responds in a tweet, he or she uses his or her initials. In other words, a specific person is tweeting.

Other companies have designated people tweeting for the company and include that information in the Twitter bio. Again, there are real people behind the tweets.

What happens when there are no names of people on a company's Twitter profile?

It is offputting for people to engage with a personless company on Twitter. People on Twitter are there to share information with other people. If you have no people on your Twitter profile, with whom are others engaging?

On other social media sites, such as Facebook Pages (not Facebook profiles), it is not as necessary to know with whom you are interacting. This is partly because, for example, Facebook Pages do not encourage the same type of relationship sharing as Twitter does.

If you have a company Twitter account with no specific people mentioned on the account, consider how you can change this in order to encourage Twitter users to interact with real people on your Twitter account.

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