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Personality Fear and Work

What a Plum idea
What a Plum idea
Blue Plum Festival - David Pennington

Over the last couple of weeks I have observed some interesting human behavior.  

I am actually quite fascinated by people and how they say one thing but do another.  

That is my driving force to figure out the keys to behavior.  

Right now, more than any other time, it seems the human race is waking up from a very long sleep.  We are now realizing that chaos producing activities are not productive and are rather counter-productive in building relationships.  

It has long been taught that leading others is a people business.  If you watch how some are treating their lives you would wonder what kind of people are they trying to lead!

Right now, people are operating from fear.  Fear of the loss of a job, loved one, freedom, health - you name it everybody is afraid of something.   

Right now, more than ever we need everyone pulling together - respecting each other - thinking through the consequences and being responsible for their actions.

Let’s quickly review how each personality type handles adversity and what they are typically afraid of the most:

The Dominate personality type -- These are the bottom-line people and they fear a loss of control and being taken advantage of. Sometimes others think they are control freaks; for them they just have a hard time delegating.  These folks say things like, “no one else can do it but me”.  In a conflict situation they become aggressive and autocratic; create win/lose outcomes, refuse to bend and overpower others with force.  

The influential personality type - These are the party planners, they are very social, talkative and outgoing.  They fear social rejection, disapproval and loss of influence.  They love the lime light and to be near the action.  They may not necessarily need to control the situation they just want to be a part of the action.  During a conflict they just want to be heard, may gloss over tension initially, verbalize feelings impulsively and will personally attack, even if only through words. 

The Steadiness personality type - These individuals are calm, patient, loyal and good listeners.  They tend to be the referee in a conflict.  They fear loss of stability, the unknown, change and unpredictability.  During a conflict they avoid aggression, try to save relationships, accommodates or gives in and simmers beneath the surface.  They hold their true thoughts very close to the chest.

The Conscientiousness personality type - These individuals give attention to standards and details and are very analytical.  They fear criticism of their work and slipshod methods.  They want to be correct and produce high-quality work  They do not want to make mistakes.  During a conflict they become defensive, will strategize in a controlled fashion, resists passive - aggressively and overpowers others with logic and facts. 

Which one of these types are you primarily?  Why is this important?

Learning about yourself can help you make better decisions.  Better decisions will lead to a more satisfied life style.  Think about a time when you had a major decision to make and how that turned out.  If you would have known how your core personality was driving your decision, or not driving your decision would that have made a difference?  How? 

To accomplish a true work-life balance we must first seek to understand who we are, our values, our gifts then we can find work that is stimulating while building strong supportive relationships.  It is why we are here, in the end, it is all about relationships.  

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