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Personality Cards for Kids

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Diane Morris

There's a certain sense of wonderment which comes along with a fortune. Whether this fortune comes from a psychic and their tarot cards or the local paper, the excitement of reading a fortune never wears old.

An idea for a more kid friendly activity to spark excitement is by making a deck of personality cards for kids. Children will not only enjoy the activity of making such cards but the possibilities after will make for a joyous experience.



Have your child start by gathering and laying out the materials. Then show and guide your child to folding a piece of paper to make equal size cards as pictured in the slide show. To do this, fold the paper in half both ways and once again the way with the shortest length. When you open the paper up you will have eight playing cards. By using more paper you can control the amount of playing cards in the deck you are making.

The next step is to go ahead and cut out these blank personality cards. After that it is time to design and label the personality cards. Simply have your child think of an adjective or attribute such as athletic or beautiful. The child can then go on to draw an occupying picture.

If a child will like to re-use the same word more than once they then may also choose to distinguish the meaning on the back. For example: Cheerful; you bring cheer to others life and cheerful; you enjoy being around happy people.

You're child may want to write an occupying sentence for each card or they may want to make up on a whim what they say as they play with their friends.

Once the cards are done it's up to your child to decide how they want to play with them by determining how many cards they want to draw for each player. A good guideline would be to have three cards drawn for each player but your child may choose to use the cards differently. The possibilities are up to your child which makes this activity perfect to spark your child's creative imagination

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