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Personal Wellness Plans help ensure your 2012 Fitness Success

Develop a Focused Wellness plan
Develop a Focused Wellness plan
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Develop a Personal Wellness game plan to help ensure your fitness success in 2012.

Check with your doctor before beginning a new fitness regimen. Your doctor recommends it.

Distracting discouragements derail many in this pursuit of fitness. The positive results that seem to come so naturally to others continue to elude some who desperately crave improvement in their physical condition. Developing a Fitness Game Plan will help you remain on track and optimistic in your quest of improved health and fitness.

The Boot Camp Examiner article Flabby to Fit: Your first step explored the development of your fitness goals. Fitness goals reveal the “what you want and why you want it” component of your workout. Having focused fitness goals is an essential part of your fitness journey.

The next step is to define your Personal Wellness game plan. The game plan is the what, when and where of your program. The Wellness game plan provides direction to your goals. In developing a Wellness game plan we are addressing the specific methods that you will employ in order to achieve optimal health and fitness.

Your Wellness Game plan should be clear and straight forward. A to B kind of stuff. Don’t get fancy or complicated; simply give thought to some basic questions:

What are you going to do? Will you take up jogging/running, swimming or biking? Perhaps you are leaning toward weight training, the martial arts or tennis. It is important to choose activities that blend well with your fitness style. Something you enjoy, an activity that enables you to enjoy a certain measure of success. This will help ensure that you will stay with your program.

When will you begin? Please do not say “mañana”. I understand that you may need a bit of time to get things rolling. However, delay at this point could prove disastrous. Begin today by becoming better informed on your health and fitness needs. There is a wealth of information and support to be found on-line, at the library, or at your local gym. Leave yourself as little possible room for procrastination. Start here:

Where will your activities take place? Jogging out your front door? At the local gym? In the basement or garage? By setting specific places and times for your activities you will increase the likelihood of actual follow through on your intentions.

Development of a Personal Wellness plan is essential groundwork to help guard against the distractions screaming for your attention. In the past, these distractions may have kept you from pressing on successfully toward your desired fitness outcome. No longer.

Included in you plan will be some core basics: Medical clearance (talk to your Dr.), great nutrition, regular and scheduled workouts, keeping track of what you’ve done (get a fitness notebook). Also included are the basic health indicators as set by your medical team; healthy body weight and body fat percentage, proper blood pressure, cholesterol and waist line numbers and measurements.

Most importantly, your Wellness plan is YOUR wellness plan. Not someone else’s idea of how you are going to approach fitness. Fitness coaching from outside sources is expected and encouraged. However, the details of you fitness progression is all about you. Own it. Enjoy it.

Recommended reading: Strength for Life by Shawn Phillips.

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