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Personal living choices may increase breast cancer.

Andree Suddoo

Lifestyle choices increase breast cancer.

Cancer research has most of the time blame genetics for many illnesses. Few individuals will in fact develop cancer because of defects. However, multiple alternative doctors have warned and written for centuries about negative lifestyle choices

Diet links to illnesses.

Eating too much processed food, red meat, drinking alcohol, have been linked to many unnecessary medical conditions.

Breast cancer and food.

Eating too much processed food and drinking alcohol, have been already linked to breast and other types of cancer.

Red meat, one more time under the microscope.

According to the British journal, eating excessive amount of red meat was associated with a 22% increased risk of breast cancer. For each additional serving of red meat per day a woman eats, the risk of developing breast cancer is predicted to rise by 13%.

White poultry may however reduce the risk. A serving of white poultry was associated with a 17% lower risk of breast cancer in women of all ages.

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