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Personal help for parents in Atlanta

Natalie Akpele
Photo taken from Cuddlebuggs website

I am about to be a new parent and I think I am going to need help. This thought has gone through the heads of many parents in Atlanta. I had this thought when I was about to be a new dad. Maybe your little bundle of joy has already arrived and you are now lost in the hustle and bustle of parent hood. Have no fear; help is here in the form of Natalie Akpele. Natalie is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a degree in Child and Family Development. She has over 9 years of experience working with small children. She has worked as an infant teacher. Natalie has had her own babysitting company and has worked part-time as a baby nurse in Atlanta. These experiences and her love for children have initiated the course for her to create Cuddlebuggs.

Cuddlebuggs provides a variety of services for parents in the Metro Atlanta area. Newborn care is provided for first time parents to help with all the new routines that come with a newborn. Cuddlebuggs will provide you with a Newborn Care/Infant Specialist to help you with night time care and routines for your infant while you get much needed sleep. For those of you that have needs beyond the need for nighttime infant and care, Cuddlebuggs can help you as well. They also provide full or part-time nanny care. They undergo a rigorous process to provide and match you with the best possible nanny for your family. If you are looking for extended weekend care so that you can take that business trip or are just looking for a weekend getaway for just the parents then look to Cuddlebuggs. Some of the words of happy clientele used to describe Cuddlebuggs are: "professional, personal attention, peace of mind, feeling at ease and fair and reasonable fees". If this sounds like the help that you have been looking for then click on the link above to contact Natalie Akpele.


  • Rogers 5 years ago

    What an interesting article. I will be sure to keep cuddlebuggs in mind for the future and share this with my friends.

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