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Personal financial survey: Do you and your spouse share the same vision?

Learn more about your finances together
Learn more about your finances together
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To avoid financial problems, a clear financial picture must be present. Whether single or married, the adults at home need to have a shared general idea of what happens. Why do financial problems occur? Learn how Get on the same financial page by finding out how you and your spouse view household finances. Take this survey together and compare answers.

- How many credit cards are there? In whose name are they in? Are they major cards, store cards or gas cards? What is the payment plan? Is the minimum paid each month or do they get paid in full? How long has the debt been out? What are the interest rates?

- How much cash is in your wallet? What does it get used for? How often do you take money out of the bank to replace it? Is the cash spent accounted for within the budget?

- What is my credit score? Do you know what your credit history says about you? If there are negatives, do you know what they were from?

- Do you have health or life insurance? What is the plan if something happened to either one of you? How would you handle an emergency?

- Is there a system to pay bills each month? What is it? Does it work for you?

- Do you have a system to keep track of anything tax related throughout the year? Do both of you know it?

- How often do you buy food out each week? Include coffees, snacks and meals during work.

- How often is shopping done for fun? Is there a budget for these items? Is the purchase made with cash or credit?

- What happens when it is time to make a major purchase? Do you plan a car purchase? Do you save for new furniture or appliances? How would you fund the down payment for a new home?

- What is the savings plan? Is there a system set in place or do you put in what might be left over at the end of the month?

- Are you both on the same page when it comes to lending money to family or friends? Is there an agreement that both parties must be aware of the loan? Where does this money come from?

- Do you have the same spending plan when it comes to the children? Do you plan for their activities? Do both parents work or will one stay home? What can your income support?

- Do you give to charities or tithe? What is the importance of giving to both of you?

- Have you thought about what kind of lifestyle you want to live now, when children move out of the house or in retirement? Have you made a plan to make any of it happen?

- How much in debt are you? Are you comfortable owing that much? What will you need to do to get rid of it? Do you know how to borrow money responsibly? Do you know what debt takes priority over others?

Now that that there is a clear outlook, make a plan to change for the better. Don’t try to fix it all at once, prioritize.

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