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Personal drones that you can own

Drone and Moon
Drone and Moon
Don McCullough via Flikr

Drones have been been a major controversy over the past year, particularly how the government uses them and personal privacy acts, but is the use of drones only granted to the government? Absolutely not. There are more and more personal use drones popping up on the market that range from simple remote controlled multi-prop helicopter-like flyers to all out quad-prop high definition camera equipped unmanned aircraft. Besides being super fun to fly, personal use drones can help people record and capture special moments like marriage proposals and vacation excursions. Drones are being used in movies and even capture high definition videos of extreme athletes in the snow and on the water. Personal use drones are becoming more and more affordable everyday and the uses are just now getting recognized. If you are thinking of owning a drone, here is a quick list of some of the most affordable private use drones on the market.

  • Extreme Flyers Micro-Drone is one of the cheapest most compact drones on the market. With a built in camera it is hard to beat the $99.00 price tag. Extreme Flyers Drone
  • The Walker QR Infra X Smart Drone boasts smart technologies that automatically keep it from bumping into people and objects. It also has a pretty nice price tag at $130.00.
  • Four Channel Reaper Style UAV is modeled after the U.S. Military Predator drone and can fly for about 20 minutes. Prices start at around $300.00 for the kit.
  • Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is probably the most popular drone on the market. It has wifi and is capable of recording 720 hd video. It also boasts a flight time of up to 20 minutes all for about $300.00. Parrot AR
  • DJI Phantom GPS Drone has a range of up to 300 meters and is equipped with a camera mount capable of handling several high powered action cameras. This drone can also fly on autopilot and be programmed to automatically fly to GPS locations all for about $700.00. DJI Phantom
  • Turbo Ace X830-D Drone RTF has the industries longest flight time at about 23-30 minutes and has the ability to hold larger cameras for high quality images and video. Prices start at about $850.00 Turbo Ace

There are many options to choose from depending on your wants and needs. From hobbies to movie making there is a drone on the market for you. Check FAA guidelines and government laws in your state for personal and commercial drone use. Each state has different laws for drone use, if flying commercially you may have to get legal permission to use your drone.

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