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Personal Development Precedes Financial Development

Integrity, Value and Trustworthy
Integrity, Value and Trustworthy
Elaine Love

In “The 3 Qualities of Likable People” article in it addresses the importance of people skills for a successful entrepreneur. Yes, people skills are frequently more time-consuming to acquire than technical skills. Perhaps that is because people skills are infinitely more valuable.

People Relate to Your First and Your Company Second

Grumpy complainers may be tolerated, but they are not on the top of the most desirable companion list.

Integrity, trustworthiness, and reliability are essential characteristics for a successful entrepreneur. Actually these character traits are critical to become a person of value.

Warren Buffett said, “In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. If they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.”

Surround yourself with integrity and all of the other issues will be easier to resolve. Those who invest in themselves first have the most to contribute to others later. Jim Rohn, famous business philosopher said, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your business.”

Wouldn’t you rather associate with someone you could trust? You are undoubtedly familiar with the statement “People do business with people they know, like and trust.”

Integrity and trust go hand in hand throughout the lives of people of value.

Become a Person of Value

Kare Anderson’s article “Beyond Being Likeable, Become More Highly-Valued” reiterates this same theme. Integrity and value lead to being trustworthy.

You gain value by demonstrating that you genuinely care about the other person. Whether you are relating to an employee, a customer or your spouse, building a lasting relationship requires being trustworthy. They have to know that you truly care about them as a person first.

How do you recognize a person of value?

1. They genuinely listen to you and what you are saying. They pay attention to your words, meaning and body language. They look you in the eye, lean a little bit toward you, and listen more than they talk. They demonstrate empathy by their actions and reactions.

2. They ask questions to keep the conversation flowing and allow you to expand on your conversation. It is not a probing interrogation question but a “I want to know more about you” question.

3. They walk the talk. What they say to you is consistent with their actions. Their personal relationships, business relationships and their actions are in accord with their words. Their word is trustworthy. You don’t have to constantly look for the ulterior motive or wonder “what is it that they want from me.”

Integrity, high value and being trustworthy pave the road to success. When you strive to achieve these qualities, you are setting an example worthy of being followed. When your personal development focuses on being trustworthy, your value as a person increases. When your personal value increases, success will smile on your life.

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