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Personal Chefs -- No Longer Just for the Rich and Famous

Become a Personal Chef
Become a Personal Chef
Kristin Leigh Mason

Personal and Private Chef Businesses are springing up everywhere from large towns to rural communities. Everyone has to eat; but with the demands of today’s hectic modern lifestyle, it is becoming more and more difficult for individuals and families to shop and prepare healthy, satisfying meals at home. That's where Personal Chefs come in.

With the recent popularity and affordability of local public and private culinary institutions, qualified and eager culinarians are being turned out into the job market at an almost overwhelming speed. Finding it hard to find steady, rewarding and financially sound jobs, many graduates search for other money making avenues.

Clients request many different services ranging from weekly or bi-weekly meal preparation, Dinner Parties, Children’s parties, Cooking Classes and much more. Personal chefs work with clients to create a menu specific to their budget, dietary needs, their likes and dislikes, allergies or other aversions, thus tailoring a menu just for them. (Try walking into your favorite local restaurant and asking for the same services.) The chef also shops for all necessary ingredients, and brings all utensils and supplies to the client's home or location to prepare the food; offering a hassle free experience!

Upon arriving to the location, the chef will unpack supplies and ingredients and begin the prep and cooking. After cooking and packaging or serving the personalized fare, the chef will then clean the kitchen, pack up, and leave your house smelling of freshly prepared deliciousness that you didn't have to make yourself!

With all of these great services to offer, you would think having your own personal chef would break the bank, but most are reasonably affordable. A week of meals for a single person or couple consisting of a few lunches and dinners usually runs between $200 and $300, and a weekly plan for a family usually runs around $500. With the price of groceries and fuel on the rise, and with our lives becoming busier and busier by the second, having these skilled shoppers, cooks, and just down-right life savers on call is well worth the small price.

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