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Personal Care: Get Pouty Lips in Just 7 Steps

Lip care is so important when it comes to personal health, beauty and taking care of your body. In this article we are going to look at seven different tips that can help you keep your lips health happy, while also giving them the healthy shine and glow that they deserve.

Lip Care Tips
When taking care of your lips it’s not just about what you put on them to make your lips look good, but you should also factor in your environment, your potential bad habits and whether or not you are keeping yourself well hydrated. Here are seven tips that will help to increase volume of the lips.

1.) Get Watered

It is important to keep hydrated for all around body health, but this also plays a major role in your lip health. If your lips are looking shriveled, cracked or just dried out this is probably a sure sign that you are not drinking enough water, so fill up a glass and drink up!

2.) Pucker Up

If you practice smiling and puckering your lips while your mouth is closed you can use this exercise to prevent your lips from sagging because it will strengthen the muscles around your mouth. As you age our mouths become thinner, but with these exercises we can stimulate blood flow back into our face while strengthening the muscles around our mouth to give you a fuller pouty pucker.

3.) Scrub It

When considering the appearance of your lips you may notice that they are looking faded, dried out, tired or just cracked. The best solution to reinvigorate your lips is to scrub them up, and remove any of the dried skin that has built up on and around your mouth. You can create your own home remedy scrub, and massaging it in a circular motion for three minutes on your lips before you go to bed. Make sure moisturize your lips afterwards based on personal preference, and repeat this action daily for the best results.

4.) In the Shade

It is common knowledge that the heat will dry out your lips if you are in it for a long amount of time, and the skin layer on your lips lacks melanin as well which makes your lips more prone to burning; therefore, it is important to provide appropriate measures to protect your lips from the sun whether this means hanging out in a shaded area, or you may want to wear a hat in order to offer a bit of shade to your lush puckers. It is also a good idea to wear a lip moisturizer that has SPF protection, this way you can help prevent any burning that may possibly occur.

5.) In the Cold

Like the hot summer days cold days are also prone to drying out your lips, so in order to take preventative measures to care for your lips it is recommended to wear a protective lip moisturizer that has an SPF in it in order to prevent burning from the UV rays. You could also cover your lips with a scarf while walking around outside, and if you are inside you may want to invest in a humidifier which will help provide moisture to the air.

6.) Lick It

If you are in the habit of licking your lips you should make it your best interest to try and cut this habit out. Not only are you creating a condition of chapped lips, but the enzymes in your saliva will continue to dry out your lips which will lead to the never ending cycle of you licking your lips to help re-moisten them. Rather than licking your lips you should invest in a medicated lip balm, which will help provide your lips with the necessary moisture that they need while also helping to heal any cracks or abrasions on your lips.

7.) Matte No More

Rather than using a matte lipstick you should consider using natural remedies to help brighten, lighten and plump your lips. Why spend money on products that will recreate dried out lips, and deteriorate your lip health when you can use natural substances to help rejuvenate your lush lips?

Lips are one of the focal points to attraction, so it is important to give them the love and attention that they deserve.

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