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Personal body image not to be compared

Love the Skin your in
Love the Skin your in
National Association for Self Esteem

Personal body image. Like it? Hate it? Want to change it? Altering physical appearance to be accepted? Gain or lose weight to be loved?

Often individuals are overly critical of themselves in pictures. Why? This is the way God made us right? Could there be more personal attentiveness to neatness or weight gain or lose? Sure, however, if there is a preoccupation with ones "looks" the culprit could be comparing oneself to what one should look like based on the socially admired in the media.

Make note magazine photos are airbrushed, not depicting a true image of what the person looks like when they are walking down the street or in a mall shopping. Everyone has a human side. Airbrushing projects a perfect self; and image no one is able to achieve.

Fixating on ones appearance to be accepted or to please another individual could be dangerous. If the person is assisting to improve self esteem issue,s then the change is accepted as a blessing and much needed self esteem boost. If on the other hand it is a form of control to meet the approval of the controlling one; this creates a low self esteem, and is destructive.

The medical field of plastic surgery has created monsters. There is now a new founded addiction; obsessively going under the knife to alter ones physical body, face, hair, bone structure etc. Name a body part, and the surgeons will alter it!

Everyone has seen the devastating effects of botched facial surgery in movie stars. Very sad state where one is not able to undo the damage and restore loveliness. Tragic stories of disfigurement are seen everywhere in the media.

Should one compare personal body image to another? It is ok to admire others beauty or masculinity, but when admiration becomes obsessive then possibly an addiction is trying to overtake ones mind.

Settle with personal image sooner than later. Each human being is made imperfect, and it is these imperfections that make each one individual and unique. God doesn't make mistakes. If personal improvements are needed in the area of hygiene, proper dress or manners, then by all means improve on these traits.

Love the skin your in! When looking in the mirror see what those who love you see. Accept compliments from others and turn a deaf ear to all negative comments.

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