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'Persona 5,' 'Final Fantasy 15' and 'Kingdom Hearts 3' ranked again

'Kingdom Hearts III'
'Kingdom Hearts III'
Photo courtesy of Square Enix, used with permission

Famitsu has posted the latest rankings for the most-wanted upcoming video games in Japan. According to a report from Nintendo Everything on July 20, the top ten anticipated releases come from a variety of platforms. The most popular title with 769 votes is "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate," an updated version of the original 3DS video game.

The second title on the list has a little bit more global appeal. "Persona 5" on the PS3 accumulated 750 votes. The role-playing game is due to arrive in Japan later this winter and in North America sometime next year. Aside from a teaser trailer and a few comments from the development team, Atlus has not talked much about the sequel.

The two Square Enix games on the list are "Final Fantasy 15" and "Kingdom Hearts 3." Despite the lack of recent updates, Japanese gamers are still showing strong interests by voting "Final Fantasy 15" as the third most-wanted game and "Kingdom Hearts 3" as the fifth. "Hyrule Warriors," a spin-off of "The Legend of Zelda" series, ended up in fourth place.

The rest of the top ten compose several 3DS games with "Super Smash Bros 4 for 3DS" as well as "Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire." "Bayonetta 2" for the Wii U, "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" for the PS4 and "Tales of Zestiria" for the PS3 round out the list. Both the PS4 and Wii U have been struggling in terms of hardware sales in Japan. The two systems should be able to build from steam with the releases of the aforementioned games.

"Final Fantasy 15" and "Kingdom Hearts 3" have no release date windows as Square Enix decided not to show off both games during the Electronic Entertainment Expo last month. A producer from the company has stated that the two software products have progressed in the development cycles and could appear in other gaming conventions later this year. A screen from the latest "Kingdom Hearts" release can be seen near the top of this article (courtesy of the series' Facebook webpage).