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Persona 5 confirmed for NA and story details

Atlus is essentially the small RPG developer that has its priorities in reaching out to its niche audience in the US. They've instilled much joy into their western barbarian fanbase by officially confirming the release of Persona 5 onto our shores. We'll unfortunately have to wait until 2015 to receive it on our pretty little PS3's, but that's definitely better than not getting it all.

Free the slaves

Persona 5's story revolves around people feeling chained to certain things in their life. It's about liberating the people from those shackles. Here's a snippet from the interview with Persona series producer Katsura Hashino:

Early in my career, I came to the conclusion that the key to making a game that really reaches out and grabs a lot of people is to keep the core theme simple. For instance, with Persona 3 and 4, the basic idea of those games was that by banding together and forming a community with other people, you can get the sort of freedom that you couldn't just by being completely on your own. That idea came from contemplating how people conceptualize and approach what they see in their lives.

But for Persona 5, we're talking about a different sort of freedom that's set aside from what those previous games have discussed and operates under its own set of thematic principles. What we're doing as a team is taking all of these sentiments on various things that we've accumulate over the years making these games and portraying them in a new light. The part that's straightforward about all of this, then, is less the raw theme itself so much as how we go about portraying it in the game. People have to be on their toes, thinking about and engaging with what's happening around them.

We want them to play our game and come away feeling like they've found a renewed sense of self and an understanding that they can't be apathetic towards what's going on in society. It's my hope that people will look forward to playing it without getting too anxious and worked up about how all these sorts of things are going to pan out in the end.

You can check out this whole interview which was nicely translated by pepsimangb.

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