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'Persona 5' brand new teaser trailer

Atlus today put out a brand new teaser trailer to incite all of the Persona 5 and JRPG fans out there. Earlier today Atlus announced their plans for multiple announced Persona titles including dates for upcoming Persona 4: Dancing All Night for the PS Vita, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for the PS3 and Persona Q: Shadow of Labyrinth for the Nintendo 3DS as well as the quick teaser showing chairs being chained. The trailer essentially features the image of 5 chairs being chained down by a ball and chain.

The idea of being a slave and no freedom is something "Persona 5" will touch on.
Atlus USA YouTube

The director of Persona 5, Katsura Hashino, spoke briefly in the Official Persona Magazine about what the teaser trailer means and what it means for gameplay. The red color, that is discomforting to some people, is going to be the theme color for Persona 5 like the blue from Persona 3 or the yellow color prominently in Persona 4. The red was purposely chosen because of the thematic impact of the color and how people perceive the feelings of red. Taking it farther, the theme of the game will be about freedom, or lack of freedom that players feel in games and in their life.

Persona 5, in that sense, is a game about freedom, the kind that those sorts of people haven't had living in the real world. I want them to be able to attain that sensation by playing through the game. Looking at it from that angle, I'd say that the image depicts the wait that must be endured for that moment of freedom to arrive. - Katsura Hashino

What kind of freedom, whether it is social freedom, psychological freedom or any other type of freedom is still unknown and the project is in early development. Persona 5 is set to release in 2015 for the PlayStation 3. To see more about Persona 5 and all other Atlus titles, you can follow the official Persona 5 site and Atlus USA on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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