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Person responsible for 'Crackgate' at Grand Prix Richmond gets suspended

logo for Grand Prix Richmond
logo for Grand Prix Richmond
Wizards of the Coast

In an announcement made today, March 14, Helene Bergeot, the Director of Global Organized Play for Wizards of the Coast, made it official that the person involved with the "crackgate" photos taken at Grand Prix Richmond has been suspended.

According to the list of suspended DCI memberships, the person involved has been hit with an 18-month suspension.

This is similar to the suspension that "@dr8sides" received when he was caught posting images on Twitter with negative captions. Some would argue that those photos were far worse than the ones taken in Richmond, but, in the end, the situations are considered to be the same.

People who found the photos to be a form of bullying should find satisfaction in the decision that Wizards of the Coast has come upon. Unfortunately, this may cause an outcry from the opposing side.

In the end, though, the ultimate goal is to make everyone who attends one of these events feel safe. Whether you agree or not with the actions of the individual, you have to admit that Wizards acted in a timely manner to address a major issue that the community had.

What do you think? Is this justice served or did Wizards make a mistake? Let us know in the comment section below.

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