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'Person of Interest' spoilers, season 4 news: Epic, hot mess finale ahead

Will Harold Finch survive the season 3 finale of 'Person of Interest'?
Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

The "Person of Interest" season three finale airs Tuesday night, and fans are anxious to know what's going to go down. It sounds like it's going to be a pretty epic episode, which also leaves fans curious about season four news. Has the network renewed or canceled "Person of Interest" for another round of episodes? What spoilers are available for episode 3x23? On Tuesday Zap2it shared the scoop.

Episode 3x23 is titled “Deus ex Machina.” Those behind the show have teased via TVLine that the season 3 “POI” finale is “a f***ing giant hot mess,” and beyond exciting. From the sounds of things, viewers will be left shocked, stunned, and dying for more. Luckily it has already been confirmed that “Person of Interest” has been renewed for season 4, so fans will only have to hold tight for the summer before they can see what comes next.

As for the season three “Person of Interest” finale, essentially everybody is fighting for their lives in Tuesday's episode. Finch is very much at risk as the focus of “Deus ex Machina” is the big trial. Everybody wants control of the Machine, and some will go to great lengths to get it.

There will be a big cliffhanger, along with some “game-changing twists.” There will also be deaths, seemingly multiple deaths, but just who will be a goner remains under wraps for now. Viewers will get answers to some of their questions, but clearly new challenges and questions will arise. The official synopsis via TV Guide notes that the team will be scrambling to try to keep Samaritan offline and the Vigilance battle reaches a climax.

Will all of the hype about shockers and game-changers give fans what they want in episode 3x23? Those with the show have set the bar high and viewers have big expectations. Tune in to the season three “Person of Interest” finale airing on CBS on Tuesday, May 13 and then hang on tight until season 4 premieres this fall.

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