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‘Person of Interest’ spoiler: The Machine pits Root and Finch against each other

The fans of “Person of Interest” are going to have to choose their loyalty on Tuesday night. The upcoming case on the show sends Root and Finch out but what they don’t know is what is waiting for them. This is a “Person of Interest” spoiler, so viewers should look away now if they don’t want to know details about the upcoming March 18 episode. According to CBS News, this season has been tough to film for the crew, because of the bad weather and it is even incorporated into part of the show too.

This week The Machine assigns Root to seek out a janitor with a mysterious past. With few details, Root does seem to question the task, but doesn’t ask for too many details. When her very presence puts his life in danger, Finch also receives his number leaving a scenario that has to be decided. Whose goal comes first? Root or Finch and how can there be a solid result in the end.

The Machine’s assignments are sometimes difficult to understand until played out, but this situation offers a twist to fans that leaves everyone almost breathless at the end.

“Person of Interest” is on CBS Tuesday, March 18 at 10 p.m.

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