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‘Person of Interest’ season finale: Team Machine, Decima, Vigilance in showdown

Person of Interest cast
Person of Interest cast
Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Fans of “Person of Interest” are going to have some answers about the season on Tuesday night. In what is being described as an epic showdown, the twists of the season will offer up details and it probably will reveal more than meets the eye. This “Person of Interest” season finale spoiler offers details and fans who don’t want to know the ending of the season should look away now. According to Hollywood Hills on Tuesday, the series has been renewed for another year so fans should know the action of the agents will be back in the fall.

On Tuesday night it is going to be a final showdown for Team Machine, Decima and Vigilance. The team takes desperate actions in its race to prevent the malevolent AI program Samaritan from coming online and making them its first targets. Meanwhile, the months-long battle with the anti-surveillance terrorist group Vigilance comes to a shocking conclusion, on the third season finale.

According to io9 on Monday, one of the characters, Collier, puts all the major players on "trial" on the internet, to get to the bottom of their program of spying on the American people. Asking tough questions and getting answers, it appears this might be the key to find out exactly what people are doing behind the scenes. And the action does include Finch from the Machine gang.

So how is Collier going to get more than a few prepared statements? By catching the people who know answers by surprise. Looking to make the impulse of telling the truth happen, there is no turning back after answers are revealed. And it leads up to a shocking surprise that most viewers would not have seen coming.

The “Person of Interest” season finale airs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. Tune in to see how it all goes down!