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‘Person Of Interest’ season 4 spoilers: Reese, Finch, Shaw will not hide forever

Jim Caviezel plays John Reese on Person of Interest
Jim Caviezel plays John Reese on Person of Interest
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

The fans of “Person of Interest” got a big shocker on the season finale. With so many assumptions turned upside down, the questions left about the characters have captured the fan's interest. While some shows are keeping a tight lid on what is going to happen in the fll, executive producer, Jonathan Nolan offered up a few details about the upcoming season. According to Hollywood Hills on Friday, the executive producer assured fans that the characters that assumed fake identities won’t be hiding forever.

As fans remember on the season finale, the main characters have assumed fake identities and gone into hiding. It is the exact opposite of what some viewers thought might happen. Reese, Finch and Shaw now have co-workers and punch a time clock just like the rest of the world. This premise sounds almost as if the characters have given up, but according to TV Guide that is not the case.

Talking spoilers, it appears that Nolan will be using the fake identities for an opportunity to spread out the story and give new locations for the characters to keep them grounded. Of course as the viewers know there is no bigger reality check than showing up for an 8-hour work day.

Also, the Machine is in a lot of trouble and it is going to need help. Viewers will see the characters called back into action next season and get back to their real jobs. This dynamic idea will allow the intensity of the season finale to calm down and then get back to the tasks at hand.

While viewers wait to see a new season of “Person of Interest,” there is no doubt the new episodes will deliver great stories. According to Forbes on Monday, the show is in the top ten when it comes to Nielsen ratings. Fans love the weekly scripted program and find the premise worthy of watching religiously.