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Person of interest in Nikki Burgess disappearance

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It has been nearly two weeks since anyone has spoken to 36-year-old Nikki Burgess. The last contact with her was on May 23, when she sent a troubling text message to a friend. Though the exact words of the text have not been revealed, she specifically mentioned the name "Caleb," her ex, with whom she shares custody of her 10-year-old son. Because of this, possibly in addition to other evidence, Caleb J. Cannon has become a person of interest in the investigation, one that authorities believe will not have a happy ending. Rather, they believe Nikki is dead.

Cannon picked up his son from school the day Nikki vanished and took him back to his Andersonville, TN for Memorial weekend. The two stopped at Nikki's house before heading out of town, but she was not home. Was the house in disarray at this point? Was her car there? A search warrant was served on his home Thursday, with police searching for evidence that may tie him to Nikki's disappearance. Additionally, a search warrant for his DNA was conducted on Tuesday, leading many to say this case will be open and shut.

Nikki spoke with her boyfriend right around 2 pm the day she disappeared, and was expected to arrive at his home a few hours later, but she never arrived. This is purely speculation, but would Cannon have been able to kill her between the phone call and picking up the son from school? And if so, what could he have done with her body in such a short period of time?

This development has added a new twist to the investigation, though many of Nikki's friends and family members immediately believed Cannon was involved. Without knowing this man, one could only wonder what his motive to kill her could be. Money? Custody dispute? Unrequited love, perhaps? Regardless, if he's involved, the right thing for him to do is confess.

It doesn't sound like there will be a positive outcome in the search for Nikki Burgess, but there is still hope. Maybe she will be found alive somewhere. However, it's also just as likely that the police are right, and that they should be looking for a body right now. Hopefully the search will come to an end soon, allowing her family, friends, and her son closure.



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