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Persofolio, bringing the modeling industry into the 21st century


Our lives and work have literally been taken over by social media and technology. There is one industry that has remained unchanged in the way it conducts business and that is the modeling industry. Generating over $10 billion in revenues, the closest today's software benefits the industry is by allowing model agents to distribute portfolios and manage client schedules. A new app and software that is getting ready to launch this summer will hopefully revolutionize the way the modeling industry operates by offering a series of advanced tools to bridge the gap between models, agencies and brands.


Persofolio is the premiere career tool that will change the game for models, agents, photographers, fashion designers and stylists. With Persofolio, the modeling industry will be well equipped to keep up with the digital demands of its 21st century clientele.

'Social media has been the elephant in the room within the modeling world for years', says Persofolio founder, Dino Fulgencio, who helped build some of the most popular modeling industry software platforms used today. 'There is so much potential for models and agencies to utilize new avenues of communication to expand their presence, and that is exactly what we have set out to do. Our goal is to provide one coherent platform on which models, agents and brands can interact, allowing for transparency within the industry, which currently does not exist.'

Persofolio is set to serve as a digital networking platform and scouting tool that will facilitate real time communication. By using it app's calendar functions to book jobs and castings it allows modeling agencies and models to track their portfolios and use the information received to develop their portfolios based on the positive feedback. For example a model or an agency can see which photos are being reviewed most in their portfolio which in turn will give them a better idea as to what is being sought in the market. Persofolio will allow clients to interact, give feedback to agents, and even book models directly with minimal agency interaction through the app. Brands will be able to use the powerful search engine tools to get the best selection of portfolios from across various agencies.

What sets Persofolio apart from other sites like OneModelPlace and ModelMayhem is that Persofolio is geared toward agencies, brands and professional models that have representation as well as aspiring models looking to find an agency. With other sites, they're geared more towards other talents in the industry like photographers, and hair & make-up artists and not just solely models who use the sites to build up their portfolios. Agencies and brands don't really use these sites though to find new clients or even to list their clientele.

The SmartScout App will be the first part of Persofolio to be launched and it will allow aspiring models from all over the world to upload their photos in the hopes of being discovered by an agency. Agencies will use the tool to save costs on scouting trips which in the long run will end up saving them and the brands money. The SmartScout App will launch sometime this summer to select modeling agencies and aspiring models and then full platform capabilities will be introduced over the course of 2014 and 2015.

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