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Perseph One

"Chartreuse is the new pink"
"Chartreuse is the new pink"

A native of Kansas City, Perseph One has made Houston her home for the last couple of years. Formerly the front person for the reggae-inspired DubTex, she has just released her second album. The album is titled "Patients of a Timeless Mind." A little Tribe Called Quest, a little US3 (remember them?) with some dub-step and some dance rock thrown in for good measure.

There is a fantastic though perhaps a bit crass interview with her at the Houston Press, in which we learn that most people were stupid to catch the Greek mythology reference in her name, forcing her in disgust to shorten it to just Perseph when talking to most people. We learn that she has big [breasts] and how their music is comparable to making out with Founding Father George Washingto and his nasty wooden teeth.

Check her out at MySpace. Fun, creepy, and angry.