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Persecution of Christians exist and rising

Voice of the Martyrs Regional Conference, Westfield, Mass
Voice of the Martyrs Regional Conference, Westfield, Mass
Verinda Birdsong

Christ believers are being persecuted all over the world and the persecution is rising. Reports from several organizations like Voices of the Martyrs attest to thousands of believers suffering for the cross and cause of Jesus Christ who is our Savior, Lord and King of all Kings. The Son of God is exalted and sits on God's Almighty right hand. And His people, His Church that He purchased by His shed blood on the Cross are standing strong in the midst of threatenings, insults, imprisonment, beatings and torture. Even here in America, being a Christian, a person who loves Jesus we are treated as an outcast within the community, in the workplace, and even in the local church. "These are perilous times" ( 2 Timothy 3:1-9).

I recently met my sister in Christ and fellow soldier in the Gospel Sarah Liu, a real soldier of Jesus who endured six years of imprisonments that included "making Christmas lights for America" and tortured to the point of having to walk in her own blood (go to and search for Sarah's Trail of Blood". The power of testimony the words she shared of sharing in Christ's suffering touched my life deeply. Truly suffering for a Jesus is not a shame but an honor.

I have met a real story in the person of Sarah Liu; of a person who survived brutality and came out the winner through Jesus Christ "who gives us overwhelming victory" Romans 8:37-38.

Hear her story and join with the thousands supporting the international church who is crying to a God " to let my people go".

it is past time for the American church to rise up against persecution, support this ministry (VOM).

Together we stand with Christ. While Christianity spreads and populates the World, let us undergird the underground churches among us and abroad. We can support with finances, prayer, letter writing and love

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