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Perryville woman warns of stranger trying to abduct dogs from yard

Mother and pup rest peacefully after near kidnapping.
Mother and pup rest peacefully after near kidnapping.
Lindsay Barnes

Wednesday, Perryville pet owner Lindsay Barnes was on her porch as her dog Delilah played in the yard. Barnes noticed a dark colored Sedan slowly pulling up to her yard and a woman calling out to Delilah, “Here baby. Here, baby, baby.”

Shocked at what was happening Barnes watched as the car stopped and a woman started to get out, still calling Delilah.

Barnes rushed out into the yard and retrieved Delilah and put her into the house. She asked the woman if she could help her.

The woman replied, “That’s my dog,” presenting a photograph that Barnes admits resembles Delilah.

Barnes told the woman she was mistaken. She explained that Delilah was four years old and that she had had her since she was only a few months old. Barnes went into the house and returned with Delilah’s registration papers and vet bills and showed them to the woman.

“I showed her the papers and vet records. She looked at them and said okay, thank you, and then left,” said Barnes. “I thought that was that and it was all over.”

But that wasn’t the end of it.

Today Barnes let her dogs out. This time it was Delilah and her pup Oden. As Barnes stood at the door the same dark Sedan pulled in front of the home and the same woman started calling to Delilah and Oden, “Here baby. Here, baby, baby.”

Barnes called the dogs inside and went out to speak with the woman in the yard. As soon as they met the woman started screaming at Barnes, “You stole my dogs! These are my dogs!”

Barnes reminds the woman about having shown her Delilah’s registration papers the day before. But the woman tells Barnes that she believes the smaller dog is hers too, and she had stolen it as well!

“It was very unsettling,” said Barnes. “Here was this woman screaming at me saying that I stole her dogs when I clearly did not. I have had Delilah for over three years and Oden is her pup from just a few months ago.”

Barnes tried to reason with the woman who just kept screaming, “These are my dogs! You stole my dogs!”

With the stranger clearly out of control, screaming obscenities, accusing Barnes over and over again of stealing her dogs, Barnes was fed up. She once again told the woman she was mistaken and went into the house. Jeff Barnes later called the police to make a formal complaint.

Barnes says she has no idea who the woman is.

“I have never seen her or the car before,” said Barnes. “And everyone knows these are my dogs. They have a documented history with me. When Delilah had her puppies it was all over Facebook. People have been seeing Delilah on my Facebook for years and everyone has watched Oden grow up there as well.”

Barnes would like to warn the people of Perryville and surrounding areas that such a person is on the loose and may try to take your dogs.

She describes the car as a dark Sedan and the woman as heavy with chin length, reddish-brown hair, and wearing sunglasses.

If you experience any similar events or notice any strange vehicles hanging out in your neighborhood, please call your local authorities.

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